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Frustrated with doing repetitive tasks every day? Well, what if we say you don’t have to do it anymore as we are coming up with a new technology trick? Fortunately, this is possible with the fantastic software called TinyTask. Through this software, you can make a replica of your repetitive task and play them on your device for whatever times you may need it. Thus, to save your time and your energy you must go for this software which will solve all your hustles in a go.

What is TinyTask?

What is TinyTask?

Tiny Task is a fantastic and revolutionary software that will help you to repeat your actions multiple times. With this software, you can save time and energy doing repetitive tasks in your games. This software is especially helpful in games like Roblox and Minecraft. Tinytask Minecraft & Roblox can easily power up your games with the software and edge over your competitors. You can perform Roblox FPS increase easily. 

The best part of using this software is that it is a lightweight and easy-to-use software, also useful in every kind of device either on a Mac or a Windows PC. Let’s look at its features for a better understanding.

Best Features 

Light Software

The best feature of this software is that it takes up very less space in your device. It is of just 35 KB, which is not much burnt on your CPU. This is why it works efficiently without even compromising your device’s speed of performance.

Easy To Use

Tinytask for Windows & Mac is easy to use on every kind of device and has an easy-to-navigate window through which any non-technical person can combat. You just need to launch the software and this will have only five options through which you will have to make your choice.

Unique Features

This software comes with unique features you can simply adjust the speed of your actions by playing back loops. In addition, it has a very low response time. You can do or replicate your actions in no time. Furthermore, it records every action that you have done while recording either a mouse movement or Mouse key pressings.

Regular Updates

This app comes with regular updates so that it won’t create too much of a problem in your system or hassles for you to use it. However, you are not required to update it regularly as this is portable software and it can be updated automatically.

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Free App

Another top thing about using it is that it is free of cost and you are not required to pay any penny for it. You can simply download, install it and start using it in no time.

TinyTask Download


After reading all the features from the above section, you must be thinking about how you can download it and achieve a higher level in the game without much time and effort then don’t worry. You can simply download it by clicking the download button above. After clicking it will transfer to the main website. Click on Download link then you must wait for a few minutes and let the download complete. You must ensure your system has a perfect system configuration, you can check this by HWMonitor

How To Install TinyTask For Windows & Mac?

If you have completed the download then the next step standing in front of you is the installation process. However, the installation process is quite easy and you can perform it on your own don’t worry if you are not a technical person, you still can perform the installation easier, you just need to follow the below-written process.

For your information, this software is quite portable so you need any specialized installation process. You just need to locate the file in the download folder and copy it and Paste it to the desktop. After that, you can launch it. It has a simple toolbar with five options through which you can execute your daily tasks to enhance your gaming systems.

How To Use TinyTask?

How to use

When it comes to the use of the tiny task then a lot of people get confused because of its multiple options but here we are ready to get you back in the further section. We have compiled a list of the tasks that you can perform in the tiny task software to level up your game. So without further ado let’s start with the process of using Tiny Task.

Recording in Tinytask

The very first task that you will need to perform in this software is recording your actions. Hence, we are coming to the section very first. So let’s see how you can record your actions in Tiny Task.

There are two ways through which you can record your actions: first is to launch the software and click on the recording button in the toolbar menu and the other shortcut way is to click CTRL + ALT + SHIFT +R together to Trigger the recording key the toolbar. 

As long as you press the skies the recording will start and the action you do after pressing these keys will be recorded in the software.

Stop Recording

The next thing that will come up to you is how to stop the recording you have started. However, it is nothing different. You can do it easily by pressing the same key as you have pressed while starting the recording. The keys combination is CTRL + ALT + SHIFT +R. By pressing these keys together, you can trigger the stop button from the toolbar of the software. Another way through which you can do so is by launching the software and clicking the stop button in the toolbar.

Saving The Record 

The third step is to save the record. When you are done with the recording you will need to save it and you can do it by pressing the save button in the toolbar beside the recording key. You can see a logo of ‘save’ that you can click that will redirect you to the .exe format saving file here you can name your file for eliminating further confusion.

Opening The Recorded Files

The next thing that you will have to do is open the recorded file. This is another easy task. You can simply launch the software and click the first option named open this will take you to another window that would have all the recorded files in it.

Playing a Macro

From the above section, you have got a clear rationale for recording and opening a recorded file. Now you have to locate the file you want to play. simply, right Mouse it and click the option ‘play’ by these actions you will be able to play your macro within a few clicks. However, you will be noticing that the action has started playing on your device.

Playback Loop Settings

Playback loop stands for how many times you want to replicate the action you have been recorded you can simply set the number of times you want to replicate the action to do so you will need to launch the software and click the last option called preferences now it will take you to another screen here you will see the option playback loops where you can type number for how many times you want to replicate the action.

Stop Playback Action

The other consecutive thing that will come in front of you is how to stop that playback loop. You can simply interrupt the action by using a third-party app. However, another thing that you will need to perform is to give a command to stop the playback loops. That you can do by pressing the pause key from your laptop keyboard. If you don’t have a pause button on your laptop keyboard then you can press the Function key + b.

Custom Speed

Custom speed is also an important aspect of using Tiny Task. However, custom speed stands for the rate at which the action will be repeated. You can set the speed as per your needs. You can click the preferences option in the toolbar and you will enter the next screen, where you can see the option for custom speed, here you can set the speed from 100 to 1 as well. So you can increase the speed of the action by 100 times as well.

Is TinyTask Roblox Worth a Shot?

No doubt, Tiny Task is worth a shot. You can use the software in multiple games such as Roblox and Minecraft. Tinytask has a special power to boost your gaming levels and edge over your competitors. Through the software, you cannot only level up your game but also save time in repetitive tasks. Furthermore, it comes with an easy user interface so that a normal non-technical person can use it without much hassle. Thus, we would advise you to use this software for all your repetitive needs. However, you can use its alternatives as well such as TGmacro.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does the tiny task record the minimalist actions of a mouse?

Yes, tiny task records all the actions that you have performed while recording this feature makes a difference from other software of its kind you can record every minimalist action such as Mouse movement Mouse keys, and everything.

Q2. How can one stop recording in Tinytask?

Stopping the recording is not a very difficult task to do. You can simply press the combination of keys that you have pressed while starting the recording. These combination keys are Control + Alt + shift + R. Another way to stop recording is to click stop in the toolbar menu.

Q3. Is TinyTask really helpful in leveling Roblox?

Yes, through this software called tiny task, you can power up your gaming levels and sessions in games like Roblox and Minecraft. This is one of the best auto clickers present in the market that you can use to create replicas of your actions.

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